[Guide] [Root] Get Amazing Audio on any Meizu with Viper4Android FX



2017-03-09 20:02

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First of all, this is a lengthy procedure so it will take some time to execute but the result is worth it in the long run.

Rooted users are good to go and skip the steps of how to root the device.

1) Rooting Device

Go To Settings. Under Settings go to Fingerprint & Security


From there, go to Root Permission & enter your Meizu Account's password. After entering password phone will reboot and root itself.


2) Install SuperSU

To install SuperSU download it from the play store, link posted below. Open it and grant it root access when asked.

After that, you will see a dialog box like this, click on Continue.

SuperSU (2).jpg

After clicking on continue, click on Normal

SuperSU (3).jpg

After clicking on Normal, SuperSU will install it's binaries on the device. (This may take some time). After binaries are installed click on OK

SuperSU (4).jpg

After clicking on OK, close SuperSU and reboot your device.

3)Installing Busybox Free
After successful installation of SuperSU, the next step is to install BusyBox Free. This app is needed for many apps that require root. Download and install BusyBox Free and open it. (Links posted below)

After opening BusyBox Free a dialog box like this will appear.


Click on Install

After Installing a dialog box like this will appear.


Click on the red cross and close BusyBox Free. After this reboot your device.

4) Installing Viper4Android FX

Download, install and open Viper4Android FX (Link Posted Below)

After opening it a dialog box like this will appear, click on OK


After clicking on OK Viper4Android FX will ask Superuser permission, GRANT it. In the 2nd dialog box it will ask to install Viper4Android FX's Audio Drivers in the system. Click on YES. (Make sure to keep SuperSU running in the background)


After Drivers are installed, a dialog box like this will appear informing you to reboot your device. Click on OK and REBOOT your device.


After rebooting device, open Viper4Android FX and click on the 3-dot menu in the top right corner. From there select FX COMPATIBLE MODE and select COMPATIBLE.

S70308-22052745.jpg S70308-22053074.jpg

After this, setup Viper4Android FX like i have done in these screenshots.

S70308-22060812.jpg S70308-22061646.jpg

This settings are just for the headset but you can also customize the phone's speaker also if you want to.

So, that's it. You have now installed the DAC which is on every author's list of 'Best DACs available on Android'

Note:- For even better effects i suggest you to use this with the stock Music app with the equalizer of the Music app set to Bass.

Note:- All download links are free of viruses. As Viper4Android FX is outdated on Play Store i am posting the Official Website's Download link for it.

Download Links:-
SuperSU:-  https://play.google.com/store/ap ... nfire.supersu&hl=en
BusyBox Free:-   https://play.google.com/store/ap ... icson.busybox&hl=en
Viper4Android FX:-  http://www.mediafire.com/file/xo ... ndroid_FX_v2505.zip