Problem with the display or something else in MEIZU M1 note.



2016-03-08 00:16

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Problem with the display or something else in MEIZU M1 note.
I Yesterday, I had a problem, and thought that MEIZU M1 not , the display is dead.

  • Here's what happened

    I wanted to get out for a walk, but the battery was at very low levels - ie before the shutdown, and I set on the charger to charger only ten minutes to be able to be me available if anyone rang. I turned off the charger without the  to see if there was a problem on the display.  I walked for a while and the phone was my placed in pocket from tracksuits, and am not clutching or something that could lead to damage to the display. Then  some time I took for to check something on the phone and look the whole the display with gray stripes on it and small flickering - something similar to this clip only to me no black display only gray horizontal lines.

(I tried to touch the the display or similar around here but nothing are functioning). I told this come to an end, after using one year and some month. Until now I have not had this or a similar problem from the very beginning of using this phone.
    I in the whole nervousness did not take picture of the problem with another phone but I tried to turn off the phone and somehow it turned off when he began to turn on the MEIZU logo appears on the screen with no problem, and how to include without no problem. I after it all the tested display in multiple applications, but there is no problem or maybe light conditions are dim at the edges of the display which had from the beginning.
    From yesterday to today the phone works very well and smoothly.
Is this a systemic error of the beta version of Flyme OS beta? or my display comes to an end his life.