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Today i will tell you the feature of Flyme 6 you will use most
Every one knows flyme 6 is packed with features ,some of them are very very awsome
But everyone knows everyone not use every feature of Flyme os but today i will tell you the best features of flyme 6 you will use most
All features come and go but our main focus on every phone is to make our phone more beautiful and good looking as per our taste.
Flyme brings Theme center for all those who focus on making their phone more glorious.
Its a successer of flyme 5 Theme center but flyme introduce more useful features in this one

These Features are:-

1. FONTS-Now you can change fonts as your own taste,
There are many fonts which are free and many are paid,
you can download then as per your size of pocket.
These are some screen shots of different fonts applied



2.MIX AND MATCH- Now Ok, I love this feature
Remember when you love icons of one theme and wallpaper of other and phone diller of athoer and there is only one thing was in your mind that
You can make your own theme
Well Flyme solve this problem for you by introducing Mix and match feature
In this you can chose icon of one theme and wallpaper or onter and style of diller of other
These are the Screenshot



Flyme also introduce ringtone column on THEME CENTER and you have more modification options and they will introduce more theme after globle adoption of flyme 6.
Thats all for now more to come

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