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2016-02-23 14:44

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3a1ec863-9578-4531-977c-77446a077638.jpg   Hello folks! Back in June, MediaTek announced its Helio P10 mobile chipset, which will offer octa-core processing and faster LTE to the masses; today, we know that it'll finally be getting into consumers' hands by way of the SonyXperia XA. So what's next? The Helio P20, of course. Compared to its predecessor, this new chip -- also featuring eight Cortex-A53 cores and LTE Cat 6 -- is a notable upgrade in terms of power efficiency as it'll be fabricated with a 16nm FinFET+ process instead of the old 28nm. For the same reason, the CPU has been allowed to go beyond the old 2GHz limit to 2.3GHz, and the old Mali-T860 GPU has been switched to ARM's cream-of-the-crop Mali-T880 running at 900MHz. As a bonus, the P20 features the same Imagiq image signal processor as the flagship 10-core X20.
What's also impressive is the fact that the P20 is the world's first SoC known to support the upcoming LPDDR4X memory, which runs on a much lower voltage of 0.6V instead of 1.1V. That's almost a 50 percent drop! However, judging by Samsung's forecast in September, we probably won't be seeing LPDDR4X in devices until next year; which is just as well because the P20 won't be shipping to manufacturers until the second half of this year.
[size=43.2222px]What's your opinion? Would you like to see meizu use this Soc?

(Source: Engadget)