Extract any firmware to get any apk you need



2017-01-29 01:04

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Hi everyone. This extractor allows you to get any file you need from any Flyme version to your PC
The manual is:

1. extract rar anywhere
2. Place system.transfer.list, system.new.dat from the firmware (it can be unzipped, i open it with total commander) to the folder \place_for_system.new.dat_system.transfer.list_here
3. Launch Extraсtor_EN.cmd
4. For android 6 type 2 and press enter. For Android 5 type 1 and press enter
5. look for apk files in \extract\system.new_ folder (the sctructure is the same as in your phone - all apps are in \extract\system.new_\app and \extract\system.new\priv-app folders