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2017-01-24 10:29

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Hello, today i will tell you some camera features flyme added in their Flyme 6.

Again flyme has done lot of work on camera and they come up with lots of inovetion,

These are some camera fetures Flyme added

1.Powerful N-select 1 algorithm
More than 90% recognition rate, reduce the impact of jitter.
When you press the shutter button, the system will automatically take N photos and choose the most clear photo output from the algorithm.
Perfect picture imaging, behind the great meaning.

2.Beauty makeup
Beautiful shot, beautiful self-confidence.
The new intelligent beauty algorithm, and the industry's well-known beauty algorithm
Suppliers Arcsoft cooperation, bringing the natural effect, for the color value extra points.
More advanced beauty / real-time beauty makeup mode,
For whitening, face-lift, makeup and other fine-tuning,

3.Zero-delay camera
Readily shot, a good photo fingertips, how wonderful moments to miss.
Zero-delay camera with a faster start-up speed, camera speed, focus speed, imaging speed,
Let your heart to capture the beautiful moments of the world.

Ya i am not so happy to see beauty makeup as a primery add on because boys don't need it in a first place.

These are some camera features Flyme added on flyme 6.

*some features can be device specific.

And thats all for today
Hope these information is helpful

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