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2016-02-17 15:04

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Dear Flyme/MEIZU Fans,

Since we start working on overseas market, translation issue is the most important and common thing.
From December, our Beta team already reported many translation bugs. From those bugs,we've found that there are five  main types:

1. Grammatical error
2. Not translated
3. Punctuation
4. Text overlay
5. Space

So now you can help us hunt all translation errors!
Please update your Flyme to the latest version of Flyme5.0 (
Flyme OS and Flyme OS for MX5,   Flyme OS for PRO, the latest beta version)and use it in English.

Tell us:

Did we spell something wrong,even chinese here?
Can we express more clearly?

(Note that this thread does not include any third-party apps).
**All bugs must be reported using default text size.

Please post your feedback for English using a reply in the format below and we will respond as soon as possible.

We'll give you 5 gold credits as reward! Thanks!

Sample (1)


Flyme Version: beta

Issue:Settings>more>VPN>Add VPN No space between“PPTPType”

Expected result:“PPTP Type”




Flyme Version: beta

Issue:Translation issue in an option in music player: "Start Time".

Expected result:"Start Timer" in place of "Start Time".

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