[Tutorial][Root]Free Music with Meizu Music App



2016-02-17 04:58

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Free Songs

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Meizu Music App

Yes you read it right! The Meizu Music app gives you free songs. They Meizu do it on purpuse? Nah, they probably don't but the software department at Meizu is a big fail... what's sometimes a pleasure for customers. Today is one of this days, where we can be happy that Meizu software developers suck.

  • Install Flyme 5 Global
  • Root The Phone
  • Install SuperSU & Build the binary
  • Install Root Explorer

Useful Things
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

Now your apps have changed! Don't be surprised, everything that is there now... was already on your phone before.

Let the fun begin

Open the Music app search for music and download it all.

Checkout the screenshots.

You don't need a VPN! It works out of the box.

Screenshots of the music app.