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2017-01-22 14:32

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Edited by Pulkit_Bhardwaj at 2017-06-03 13:10

Hello, i am here to review AI Engine of flyme os 6,Flyme calls it one mind

Flyme done a lot of hard work on Flyme 6 and made it more faster and increase its performance

AI engine is added in Flyme 6 As a big feature of flyme 6
What is AL engine
AI i.e artificial intelligence engine will have its own mind and it recognise your usage of phone ,recognise tast and perform tast for you.

But what they done to make it posible?

These are some fetures Flyme included to make AI Engine work.

1.Intelligent thinking engine
Independent research and development of intelligent thinking engine, independent learning user habits, according to the use of intelligent scene to provide efficient solutions, without cumbersome settings,

Space-time inferred, wonderful, for you to create more intelligent, more casual mobile phone system

2.Game mode

Once open the game, intelligent thinking engine will automatically identify, and quickly open the game mode, to ensure a more fun gaming experience.
Game acceleration, intelligent adjustment of memory resource allocation, allowing the game to run more smoothly.
Immersive experience of the game, the shield is not important floating notification, more convenient to answer the phone, prohibit gesture operation, focus on the game without fear of disturbing.
Network protection, intelligent identification networked war games, fun experience not off the assembly line.

3.Night self-repair

Intelligent thinking engine will intelligently judge your work and rest state. When you sleep, the system will automatically sleep and open self-healing,
Clean up system cache, optimize background applications, reduce standby power consumption of the phone, the release of more system resources.
Smarter system, it is necessary to be closer to you.

4.Process Reaper

Identify the type and behavior of the application, according to user habits, to take up a lot of memory resources or behavior is not normal application
Process for forced harvesting, the necessary process for intelligent retention, to prevent the application of manslaughter and reduce system resource consumption.

Intelligent harvest, give you smooth experience.

5.Client Recycle Bin
Life if only as shown,
Accidentally deleted text messages, notes can be recovered in time on the phone site.

6.Contact Time Machine
Tracing the source, recovery as ever.
Visually restore contacts to restore accuracy to the day.

Now no application will run in the background because of new addition in flyme 6.
It will be hibernated immiditally after you removie it from task bar
so now we can uninstall greenify????.

These are some features flyme added to make AI Engine work and there are some more which we will find out after more use

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