[Discover 6] Chapter 3: New Multi-Tasking



2017-01-10 16:05

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Hi guys, Discover 6 is back! Did you miss me? Well the good news is for this week there will be 2 Discover 6 threads! You guys can look forward to another one on this Friday. And today, let's take a look at the new multi-tasking design in Flyme 6.
We can see from the header picture that the multi-tasking in Flyme 6 has gone from vertical to horizontal, and the 'Close all' option has moved from the top to the bottom.

By applying the changes, more contents on each app are displayed when we're on multi-tasking view, and we can reach 'Close all' button more easily when we're using the phone single-handed.

And the way to close an app has changed accordingly from slide leftwards or rightwards to slide upwards. And if you slide downwards the app thumbnail, you'll get 3 options: Lock, Secret and Multi (which needs app's support and is not applicable to every app).

By tapping on 'Lock' option, you can make the app stay in the background and keep it away from closing when you tap 'Close all'.
And new new feature here is 'Secret', by which you can blur your app thumbnail, so the contents on this app will not be shown to avoid unnecessary leak of private data.
Apart from the multi-tasking, the layout of multi pages in Browser has also changed accordingly. Now it's horizontal as the multi-tasking view.

This is the new Multi-Tasking in Flyme 6. Do you find it more handy than it was in Flyme 5?