[Flyme 6 feature] Kids Mode - Tutorial



2017-01-07 16:32

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Edited by viki4vikram at 2017-01-08 08:24

Flyme 6 has added a Mode for children ->  KIDS MODE

This mode can be used to while giving the mobile to Children , The mode limits the access for the user and we can set what all apps should be accessible .

Lets see how to setup Kids Mode in Flyme 6  ->

Step 1

Open Settings -> Accessibility


Step 2

Select Kids Space Mode


Step 3

A New Screen would appear Like this


Step 4

Start the setup

19138035131527186.jpg      8280209900597681.jpg   

Choose the Anti-Addiction timeout As per your needs
Set the low battery lock

Step 5

Choose the accessible apps


The setup is now done and you would be directed to a new screen which would look like this [Image Below]


For closing the mode click on  the cross button in the right bottom [See the image above]

It would ask for Password


If you want to enable the Kids mode again follow step 1 & 2  

Your Screen would look like this


Kids Space Mode is a much needed feature and Flyme 6 Brings us this feature .