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2016-12-18 01:12

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                        Hello everyone first of all thanks flyme for this wonderful contest and i also wishes flyme "Happy 1st Anniversary" and congrats all the members who worked for this great achievement .
Here i will dicuss about the features of flyme ui and flyme apps , which am using in my daily life.

                                       Quick toggles is one of the most useful and important feature in android .. so comes the flyme ui, but i feel the quick toggles in flyme ui takes a big bump than the stock android. As we see the shade of quick toggles changes according to the background colour of what we have and that makes very pleasant to eyes. Also we have some extra quick toggles which can be added according to the users tatse. Most important thing is the "network mode toggle" which helps me to change my network mode as fast as quick , i never seen such feature in any skinned ui.
                                                      S61215-131720.jpg S61215-132803.jpg

                                Security app reduces my work as much as possible. It has many good featues which includes Cleaner,Accelerator,Data management,Harassment blocking,Permissions,Power saver and Anti-virus.The main highlighted feature is "Optimize now" which uses to optimize the background tasks and improve the ram management and battery backup drastically.And i personally like "Cleaner" option very much,because it used to clean all my caches and dirty files rapidly and free up my storage.                                                                                                                                              S61215-131755.jpg

                          Tool box is one of the powerful tool , i saw in any android ui . It has plenty of tools like flashlight,mirror,compass,ruler and magnifier. i mostly use the "mirror" option to check , whether am cute . And also it has option to add these tools to homescreen.
                                                                               S61215-132220.jpg S61215-132233.jpg

                              Painter app is what i use to play with my free time. I really like default "templates". My sister's kids use to draw my face and make fun of me.

                                    Smart touch is a sensitive tool that flyme added in their ui ."A mini ball" that does many useful tasks. I personally like the swipe left or right to switch between tasks option in it.

                                                                                         Floating option in calcualtor app is very useful for me while am studying. It is also useful for "multitasking". I also use to watch videos while chatting with my friends via float option in video app. Its really very well integrated into the flyme. Thanks to "developers" for this wonderful features.
                                                                            S61215-131930.jpg S61215-132642.jpg

                                    File manager is one of the beautifully organised app in flyme. I really like the categorisation of files,where i dont want to search for my files. "Vault" option in the file manager app is very useful for me to get my private things safe with a password protection. Desktop option is really helpfull for me to transfer file between my laptop and mobile.
                                                                                 S61215-132024.jpg S61215-132013.jpg

                               Themes is one of the best things which flyme implemented. Usually i will get easily bored on seeing same wallpaper,icons and colours all over my mobile. But after flyme added "themes" to their os i was happy to use flyme os, i use change themes everyday and i also like the mixed project option from the chinese firmware.

                            Notes is like "voiceless assistant" and "soundless alarm". I use to keep my important bank details and passwords in flyme notes app. It is very essential app to be included in os and thus flyme did it.

                         thanks to everyone who had patience to read this thread !!!