How to install (I) International firmware on your Chinese-mainland Meizu.



2016-12-14 23:40

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Firstly-many thanks to Mr. Abaggia from forum European fans.
secondly- I did the  method 2 and it workes for my meizo m2 note.

1. Enable root
  • Enable root by tapping on Settings-> Accounts-> My Flyme-> Personal settings (first option) -> System privileges and set it to open - accept disclaimer and confirm.
2. Download and successfully install Busybox (from Google Play or see .apk below)
3. Download and install a Terminal Emulator (from Google Play or see apk below)
4. Download the correct and desired international (i) ROM/firmware ( for your device
5. Download and use the (firmware) converter that creates the required system-i.img
  • Click here to download converter first
  • Copy and system.transfer.list (from the to the folder “in” (see converter folder)
  • Then start the converting process by starting System-conVERTER.cmd and pressing option 1 [enter]
  • If successfully converted you can find the system-i.img in the ‘‘out’’ folder.
6. Copy the converted system-img from ‘‘out’’ to the internal memory of your Meizu device
7. Go to Settings-> Display-> Sleep (locking)-and set it to at least after 10 minutes.
8. Start the Terminal Emulator and run (type) the super user command
  • A permission popup will come; give permission by tapping allow (always allow).
9. Now run (type) the command for installing the system-img.
dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/system
  • Replace XXXXXXX with the correct partition system for your device
    MX4 Pro = 15540000.dwmmc0
    M2 note = mtk-msdc.0
    MX4 = mtk-msdc.0 (OR mmcblk0p6)
    MX5 = mtk-msdc.0 (OR mmcblk0p18)
    Pro 5 = 15570000.ufs
Example for M2 note : dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/system
Note: Pro5 might require: dd if=/storage/emulated/0/system.img instead of /sdcard/
10. The installation should start after the ‘‘dd if’’ command, but please note…
  • …it may seem that the copying/process did NOT start because you didn’t notice it, but it DID start.
  • do NOT type a new command or whatsoever, just…
  • …be patient and give your device 5-10 minutes to process.
11. When the process is done you’ll see a # at the very end
  • Your device should be unresponsive by now - this is normal
12. Now just shutdown your phone (hold power button) and reboot it
13. Once successfully booted your device should be running an I-rom
  • Once in Flyme again it is wise - but not necessary - to completely reset your phone. Go to settings->about phone->memory->factory data reset-> check both boxes and click start cleaning (this could take 5-10minutes). Always backup your stuff if necessary.
END OF METHOD 2If you follow the exact steps, you will succeed to update !!
Good luck.