The Difference Between M91 And L91



2016-12-13 13:59

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The difference between M91 and L91

Both M91 and L91 share the same name "M3 Note", and we only release a combined firmware for both models.

So what difference between them?

1.Check the model (Settings> About phone)

M91's model is M681H.

L91's is L681H.

2.Check the Serial Number (settings>about phone)

M91's Serial Number begins with "91".

L91's begins with "L91".



3.How to choose the right firmware?

Which global version can I use?

The global firmware is a combined firmware for both M91 and L91, so you can download the firmware for M3 Note,and update it directly. However, for safety, downgrade from this version is restricted, so you may find it impossible to roll back to some previous global version.The latest version has integrated many bug fixes, so it's suggested to stay on it until the next update.

Why can't I udpate to the Chinese version?

The Chinese firmware is for M91 only, so it is impossible for L91 to update to it. Besides, because of the version restriction, new version cannot downgrade to some previous version. If you encounter firmware corrupt with your M91, plz make sure you are updating it to the lastest version.Since some services for the Chinese firmware are unavailable out of china, we suggest you use the global firmware.