How to set GIF as your forum avatar?



2016-12-12 11:04

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Edited by Abhiparmar92 at 2016-12-29 15:23

Happy #1st anniversary# to all...

GIF is the best way to show off the creativity and it has own values like a small gif capable of representing a big message. Nowadays you might be wondering that how this GIF is used in our forum avatar. As there is no official GIF image support for avatar, there is small trick to achieve it. Simply follow the steps & show your creativity.

1) By default forum just only support jpg, jpeg & png formats for forum avatar. So to do set GIF you need to make it compatible to these formats.

So, take any GIF file for ex. abc.gif now change it's extension to .jpeg like abc.jpeg & save it. That's it...

You can use winrar to change extension, put abc.gif on desktop, open winrar & open desktop from it click on abc.gif file once & there you go, you can change extension here to abc.jpeg.

2) Now open-->

3) Login with your forum credentials

4) Click on avatar to change it, upload that converted abc.jpeg from here, wait for some time to upload it, if image size is more than 1 MB it will take some time.

5) After successful upload, you can adjust & crop your avatar size. Then click submit/ok.

Voila....Boom..Your avatar is set as that GIF format.

Thanks @Pulak for solution.