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2016-12-07 04:33

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With changing lifestyle people now days become more and more health conscious. This has made popular the trend of owning a fitness band which keeps a track of our daily activites and helps up maintain a good health. In its conference held of 12.06 Meizu launched a brand new Meizu band fitness tracker.

Here is a quick look at the device with some of its features...

One-piece design


Unlike some fitness bands which sport a 2 piece design of the band strap + sensor module, the Meizu fitness band sports a one-piece design. The entire design looks great and the OLED screen belds perfectly into the body which makes it look even more beautiful.

Touchscreen OLED display


The Meizu fitness band comes with no physical buttons. It has a touchscreen OLED display which can show you the time, steps count, calories burned and heart rate.

Skin friendly build


The fitness band is made up of skin friendly materials which makes it non-allergic so that you can wear it for longer period of time.

Waterproof and dust proof


The ip67 certification of the Meizu fitness band makes it waterproof and dust proof. Hence you need not worry of using it under any conditions and especially sweaty environments. You can go out under rain, shower and while swimming without having to take it off.

Health and fitness partner


The Meizu fitness band counts the steps you have taken, the amount of calories you have burned and even has a heart sensor to track your heart rate during any activity.


It also alerts you to get active when you have been idle for too long and there is no movement. Along with this it has a sleep tracking function that tells you about your sleep along with a breakdown between light sleep and deep sleep.

Additional functions


Along with keeping a track of your daily health activities the fitness band also offers a range of other smart functions that include a clock display and alert for incoming calls and messages when connected to your smartphone.


You can also use the wearable as an alarm and set the intensity of vibration you want to wake you up from sleep.


The Meizu fitness band comes with a dedicated health app which is available for iOS and Android. It claims a battery life of upto 15 days on a single charge.


If you are looking for a fitness band that looks good and also keep a track of your daily activities and at the same time be affordable then the Meizu band fitness tracker can be a perfect choice for you. The device costs 229 Yuan (~$33) in China.

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