【Daily Feature】 Panda Warrior - Day 2



2016-01-27 14:54

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Daily Feature: We will publish a wallpaper everyday that is professionally designed by Flyme designer with a story to go along with it.

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Day8 -The Attack Team
Day7 - The Practise
Day6 - The Frustration

Day4 - Join the army
Day5 - The Rookies
Day3 - Big Decision
Day1 - Inbreak

You can also write down your personal idea of this story in this thread.
Let's  continue our story!!!!

Here is the story:

Several years later,a father held his baby and said to him: “Once I defeat the enemies and throw them out of our planet, I'll be home with you.”

When the father will come back ?
Did the father defeat the enemies?
What will happen next


Do you want to know the story and the picture??
The picture only appear one-third.
Pls reply the thread to get the whole story....

Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

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