[New Product] Meizu Music Card smart cover - A Tribute to the Classic



2016-11-07 02:38

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Hey friends,

As most of you might be knowing, Meizu is a company that manufactured mp3 and mp4 players in its initial years before its foray into the smartphone industry. Nine years back, in 2007 Meizu launched its Meizu M3 Music card mp4 player. Now the days of portable mp3 and mp4 players have faded away. Yet, Meizu indends to keep its legacy alive and pay a tribute to its classic with the launch of its latest smart cover.


This new smartphone cover is cleverly designed by Meizu to look and feel exactly the same as its Meizu M3 Music card mp4 player. With this launch Meizu tries to revive its traditional product design and thereby pay a tribute to its timeless classic.


With this new Music card Smart cover Meizu shows that it might have come a long way and evolved into a smartphone company and more yet it is still connected to its roots into the music industry.


The Meizu Music card smart cover is an accessory compatible with the newly launched Meizu Pro 6s and would be available for sale from 7th November in China at a price of 149 RMB.

Meizu Music card.jpg

Do check out the video presentation below. So do you like this new smart cover from Meizu...