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2016-11-02 23:37

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Today I want to introduce you one of the best sound enhancer app available for android.I know you expect a sound enhancer to be a dedicated app and not inside a music player (which you have no choice to play your songs with other players and must use the default player of the app) but, there is a big plus that you can forget the music player itself. Other than the disadvantage I said the enhancer itself could shock you with its huge positive effect on sound quality and loudness. (You must try it to understand what I mean!)


As a Music player
The DFX Music Player interface is unfortunately too old (since the original app did not update since 22 November 2014) and you may find it very disappointing at first but, if you get used to it, you will never use other players again.

There is no “Folder” option to find your songs inside different folders of your phone and you must find and play your songs with either “Songs” name, “Artists” name, “Albums” name or “Playlist” that you can create from your songs. There is a “repeat option” that first click on it can set “repeating all songs”and with one more click you can “repeat the current song”. Shuffle option is also available to play your songs randomly. There is no “Timer”, “Search”, “Edit song info” or “Send” options like Meizu default player but, you have “Use as phone ringtone” option or “Delete” option with long press on your songs.

When you play more than one song from your artists, albums, playlists or songs you can manage also the place of each songs and move them up and down by holding the dotted square at left side of each song.
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As a sound enhancer
The big plus I said before is in sound enhancer part. The first good news is that the enhancer effects on every way you could listen to your music from speaker, headphone jack or even with Bluetooth.
When you open the app there is a DFX Enhancer button at the bottom left of your screen which all enhancer options are there and with click on it you can active or deactivate the enhancer. After long press on the "DFX Enhancer"button you will notice a new window which contains many different presets for enhancing the sound which you can choose between them the best one that is suitable for you (I also customized a preset for myself which I will share it with you later). One of the best preset is definitely the first one "1. StudioQuality". If you click on "More" button, you could see the customization panel. In customization panel you can change Fidelity (Changing it can effect on clarity of the song), Ambience (Changing it can effect on stereo depth of the song),3D surround (Changing it adds more depth and surround effect to your sound) and dynamic boost (Changing it increase/decrease loudness of your sound while minimizing distortion levels of it) which are all the main parts of the enhancer. Bellow the main settings you also have a complete equalizer settings which you can customize the different multiband EQ of the sound output.
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Caution: Before playing a song with DFX player please, control the volume level and make sure it's not high because, output sound will be definitely much louder than usual sound output loudness using other players.

Note: If you faced problem about adding new songs to your phone and DFX player doesn't show them follow below steps:

1. Force stop DFX app and Restart your phone.
2. If the problem did not solved with above steps try clear "cache" and "data" of DFX app or open your songs manually using your file manager and choose open with DFX.
Hope you enjoyed my review and I could help you to improve the sound quality of your phone
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I attached trial version of DFX player here but, you can buy full version on google play store or pm me about it.

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