M6 Note 16gb - Storage problem -Low storage



2018-12-04 22:08

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Hi All, First I want to say that I am Meizu fan, from M2 note to M3 note -currently own M6 note 16 GB.
There is big problem the system which takes 6gb+ and stores reserved 4+gb = which leaves me with almost no space for apps in this 16 GB model. There is no integrated option to move apps to SD card, it is so frustrating = I am keeping the minimum aps installed, aka = no games or other big apps.

I have reader in third party Meizu forum about inserting unformated SD card plus some app to migrate the apps to the SD...but the thread was deleted, so I have no other option.

I really like the M6 , besides the ugly bezels, nothing like the M3 good round feel in hand, but the phone is good, currently running

I will appreciate any ideas, solutions or news about
this problem the low storage problem. Thank yoh