M6 NOTE . expand internal storage , using micro sd card as internal storage



2018-06-04 03:30

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****looks like flyme doesent like adopted storage at all and apps begin to crash after a while****
ested and working on flymeos global 1.4.1g
could not make it work on flyme 7 CN . dont know if its cause of flyme vesion or the rom beeing chienese .

1  get AOMEI partition assinstant on a windows computer with an sd/microsd card slot or get an adapter to usb
2  open AOMEI
3  delete partition (right click on sd card >delete partition)
4  tick aply
5 on the opening window tick accept
6  create partition (right click on sd card >create partition)
7  tick aply
8 on the opening window on the top right corner MAKE SURE YOU SELECT UNFORMATED
9 tick accept
10 insert card to phone
11 click on the notification that says "sd card is not supported"
12 the mutch wanted , missing from flyme , android screen that prompts you to select if you want to use the sd card as external or         as internal space appears
13 select use as interal storage

all credits to "Mr" at movilesdualsim and his original thread

*****its a shame to MEIZU that such a core android feature is not fully implemented in to the OS*****