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2018-11-03 20:24

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As we all know that Flyme Themes app has limited number of themes and we don’t get new themes so often. Last time new themes were added during 2nd Flyme Theme Design Contest. Lot of users are requesting new themes since long time.

It’s been few months I started this new series and shared many new themes.  Mostly all users appreciated the themes. This month I am sharing another 4 themes. If you are new to this series, you must read the introduction and tutorial to use these themes here.

Here are the themes for this month-
Blue Sky
Just a simple theme, nothing fancy. Beautiful blue wallpapers and free form icons. If you like simple themes, this theme is perfect. And if you are looking for a better theme, scroll down.
Flyme 5R
R here means Reboot. This theme is some kind of update to default Flyme 5 theme.  Home screen wallpaper may remind you of Sony Xperia. Status bar icons are revamped a little. If Flyme 5 seems too old for you, scroll down and check Flyme 8 version.
Flyme 8
Off course, it is not the official Flyme 8 theme. But it is modern theme with round icons. It is complete package - Compact status bas icons, beautiful wallpapers, new toggle icons, new icons in Settings app and updated Dialer. Generally, when you get a call from or call an unsaved number, there is no avatar picture on the number. But this theme has a default picture (MEIZU 16 wallpaper) for unsaved number. I am using this theme in my 15 and M3 Note since I got it.
enframe_2018-11-03-13-15-01-horz.jpg enframe_2018-11-03-13-15-16-horz.jpg
And last but not the least – An iOS theme. Users love iOS themes a lot. This theme will not disappoint you. It has iOS icons, iOS style home screen wallpaper, iOS type status bar icons and iOS style dialer. I have removed icon mask as most of user hate it.   
Reply this thread to see the Download link in the bottom of the thread.

So, that’s it. I wish you like at least one of the themes I share every month and use it for whole month until I share new themes next month. In the meantime, to help me,
Reply this thread-
What kind of themes you like? - Flat, Dark
What kind of status bar icons you like? – Stock, Flyme 7, Unique
What kind of icons you like? - Round, Square, Round Square, No Fixed Shape
What kind of wallpapers you like? - Dark, Colorful, Abstract
I hope you liked this new series, see you next month.

You can also check themes from previous volumes here - Vol.1, Vol.2 , Vol.3, Vol.4 & Vol.5

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