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2018-10-14 22:55

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Meizu M6 Note + flyme is like hell.
1. Huge bug with internet connections. For ex. gmail, drive, google maps don't work with 2G/3G/4G connections. And developers in new flyme 7 closed ability to reinstall this apps or clean cache, impossible to delete and reinstall Google preinstalled apps((( So my Meizu M5 Note like brick. I had this problem with facebook or messenger, hangouts, telegram, viber but I reinstalled this apps and problem gone for a few days, than needed to to it again if the problem back. But I can't do it with preinstalled apps.
I can use gmail/maps/youtube/hangouts only at home via wi-fi. Therefore I can't use phone during the trip or if I go for a walk.
2. Also file transfering via usb work a few seconds, than connection breaks down. In previous flyme 6 file transfering via usb worked fine.
3. Also how to kill touchpal? In previous flyme was ability to delete this shit, but not now. And now preinstalled touchpal have a lot of advertising. Also it asked me a lot of permissions like for keyboard. I don't know how but touchpal have ability to enable touchpal if I disabled it in phone options.
4. New flyme 7 thinks that in whole world there is only flyme's standard browser. All links automatically opened on standard flyme's browser. BUT I have preinstalled Chrome and I LOVE Chrome!! In the default browser selection settings, there is no Google Chrome, the phone thinks that Chrome is not installed. I can not delete Chrome, as you guessed it - I did not install it, it is sewn into flyme 7 by developers!!!
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2018-10-17 22:27

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My drive version when get
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