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2018-07-07 00:31

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2day I wanna give you best Android P expierence lancher names Customized Pixel Launcher or CPL with workable "Countdown widget" (Day/Time, Weather, Calendar, Flights and Traffic Jams, if enabled), Notification Dots and Google feed from your homescreen. All available for andriod 5 and higher.
1S80706-125100.jpg 2S80706-125552.jpg 3S80706-140814.jpg 4S80706-140555.jpg 5S80706-164551.jpg


Selecting a grid (from 3х3 to 9х9 in any combination)
Function of changing the size of fields (screen compression left and right)
Animation of disappearance when changing desktop
Widgets occupy the full width of the screen
Shadow at the top of the home screen

Icon size
Icon Signature font
Icon Signature Size
The color of the icon signatures
Displaying / hiding the signatures of desktop icons

Disable the 'Countdown' widget
Clock in the 'Countdown' widget
The format of the clock widget is 'Countdown'
Start the clock with a long press
Date format
Font of the widget 'Countdown'

The grid size in the application menu (from 3х3 to 9х9 in any combination)
The ability to select a search string in the application menu (stock / google pixel 2)
Search line color
The compact look of the stock search line
Fixed shadow and indentation of the search string
Hiding applications and their widgets
Coefficient of spring stiffness / deactivation of the animation of the spring
Icon size
Icon Signature font
Icon Signature Size
The color of the icon podis
Displaying / hiding the signatures of desktop icons

Grid size
Old / new folder opening animation
Display / hide the signatures of the icons in the folder
Icon size
Icon Signature font
Icon Signature Size
The color of the icon podis
Displaying / hiding the signatures of desktop icons

Dock bar
Selecting the number of icons in the dock-bar
Microphone in search bar
Google Assistant instead of a microphone in the search menu
Google Color logo
Dark search bar on / off
Transparent search bar on / off
Display arrow on / off
Display page indicator on / off
The ability to hide the search bar in the dock
Gradient size
Ability to disable gradient
Android P Style

Use reduced font for signatures
Icon size from 5 options
Icons support
Notifications on the icon (Notification Dots or +1)
Support for changing the shape of icons (8+)
Dynamic Clock and Calendar Icons for Google Clock / Calendar (8+)

Google News Feed
Pixel Search Screen
Locking the desktop from changes
Saving the scroll position
By clicking the 'Home' button, show the application menu
Running a favorite application while holding two fingers down the screen
Double tap to lock the screen
Vibration when clicking on interface elements

Dark / Light / Black Theme
Auto theme
Applying a theme to settings
Icon shape (8+)
Adaptive icons for 8+ based on conventional
Removing the background color of the icon from the icon itself
Random color of the background

Notification icons
displaying the number of notifications
Icon size
Icon and text color

Backup and Restore
Save and restore 3 backups of settings / database of icons


My backup in attached files. Unzip it and put all 3 files to storage/emulated/0/Documents/CPL/1
Then go to Launcher settings - Backup & Restore - Turn on 2 checkboxes and press Restore

Rounded IconPack - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themezilla.pixelui

Squared IconPack - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themezilla.pixel.fusion

Customized Pixel Launcher Homepage - https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=903913

CPL_1.10.4.2_290718.zip (3.21 MB, Downloads: 613)


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