(Winner Announced) Meizu's 15th Anniversary!



2018-03-14 17:21

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--------------Update on March 28th, 2018 Winner announced!----------------
We have received 100+ replies and we have seen a lot of sincere and touching stories. It's really been both an honor and challenge for us to read all these stories and to pick just one. The story we chose is #73 from user Vinaykumarrock986612, for he demonstrates how the phone fits in his daily life perfectly and made him new friends. Other stories are just as brilliant as the winner's, wish you guys good luck for next time

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Today --- March 14th of 2018, marks Meizu's15th anniversary. Fans around the world are sending their wishes to Meizu in various manners. Some recaptured the history of Meizu from MP3 to MX to PRO 7, some shared great images of Meizu products, and some wrote great reviews to contribute to the community. Sketches.png

Among hundreds of messages, one fan's blessings was particularly standing out, because he found an online way of naming a star as 'MEIZU' .

User16305036 shared his vintage MEIZU products together with a star certificate (view source thread here):
001922xY0IcgYlicxeS0b.png 001922xY0IcgYlicxeS0cb.png
The classic products still look amazing even after so many years.

Do you still got your first MEIZU gadget? Mine was a white M3 - Music Card MP3 Player. It was handy and elegant, until one day a thief stole my purse and i lost it along with some other belongings. But I still remember the 2 years it accompanied me --- on the bus, on the train, on a flight, anywhere I went. Without it I would definitely feel lonely. u=3519346504,2320987738&fm=27&gp=0.jpg

What's your unforgettable memories with your MEIZU device? Share your story with a product photo taken by yourself, we will select 1 good reply on 17:00 (GMT+8), March 28th, 2018 to send you a limited edition Flyme gift pack (several great gifts inside including a Lamy pen, a Flyme mug, and more!)
(Note: Tea bags are not included in the gift pack)

Happy birthday again to MEIZU. Looking forward to your stories, and wish we all have a great year together! APP QR Code - 1200.png