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2017-06-12 13:17

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First and Foremost, if you didn't viewed First Episode and Introduction of this Series, you can view it Here.
For the Second Episode, as you can read in title itself, i am going to interview ChatDexter. He is a moderator and manage "Devices, m1 note, Pro5, FAQ, M3 note & Spanish" Sections on the forum. If you are new to this forum, check out his threads here. He is famous for his tutorials and resources threads through which he is winning  "Most Viewed Thread" prize past three months
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He achieved a lot on this forum in a short span of time with his hard work and will power of helping others. He also created an unofficial Flyme Global Chatbox Group on Telegram, which you can join from here. The group has now more than 500 members and is helping users daily.

So, huge round of applause for ChatDexter,

ChatDexter: “OMG, I wasn’t expecting to be chosen for the second episode of The Interview!, Thanks so much for inviting me to share my thoughts and ask questions!”

Q: You deserve it man! So, first and most basic question - What is your real name and where are you from?
A: My name is Dexter and I’m from Philippines but I’ve been living in Spain for 9 years

Q: Great,When you joined the forum exactly?
A: I joined the forum at 2016-07-01 to ask how to solve a problem I had in that moment.

Q: When and how you get to know about Meizu first time?
A: Well I was using a Sony phone in that time, and I wanted to find a cheap and excellent phone with a fingerprint sensor so I found this phone, Meizu M3 Note and quickly bought it.

Q: Yet another M3 Note user, that shows how good this phone is, Tell me about your first meizu phone and first phone of your life.
A: My first phone, like everybody else ,  was a Nokia, in my case it was a 2210.

Q: Nokia N95 here! What are your hobbies? Do you play android games? Your favourite android games so that we can ask for strategy in future?
A: I loooove playing the guitar,singing and playing soccer. I play a lot of Android games such as Need For Speed No Limits which is currently my favourite game.

Q: Hmm, you live in Spain, Soccer is national sport there.What is the place or country you want to visit in future?
A: Well I’d love to visit Canada, Australia and more.

Q: What are you doing other than forum?
A: I’m studying Metalurgical Engineer in Spain

Q: Nice, When and how you became moderator, and what was the feeling when you became mod?
A: I became a moderator a few months ago, when Jack opened a thread for Q and A Team, I really enjoy helping others so I decided to apply and luckily got chosen . Being a moderator is a big responsible but really, you enjoy a lot and meet a lot of new people.

Q: Congratulations pal! How tough is your work and how much time do you spend on forum daily?
A: Thanks. As I mentioned, being a moderator isn’t easy, having to deal with users who are angry because “X” reason, but I try to understand them and help them This gives me motivation to continue improving. I usually spend maybe 1-2 hours a day in the forum, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Q: You are creator of flyme telegram chatbox. What was in your mind when you created that group, what were your plans?
A: I created the group thinking that it will help a lot of people, specially those who are new in the Meizu Devices. I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it is now. I hope someday Meizu/Flyme decides to make it an OFFICIAL GROUP so it will continue to grow and this will let people know more about Meizu

Q: Best of luck for your group, i am member of it too and i must say you are doing a great job. You have an iPhone, offcourse it is better than meizu, but what do you think, is flyme better than other OS in market like MIUI, Stock Android, Custom ROMs?
A: Having an iPhone is great, but I still miss some features in my iPhone, specially mBack feature and being able to install .apks Flyme is better in a lot of different aspects, but no ROM is perfect

Q: Mostly every month you win most viewed thread of the month, any suggestions for other users so that they can try too, according to your experience which type of content users like most?
A: First of all I’m winning thanks to you guys, for supporting my threads and enjoying the content (hopefully). The only tip I could give is “Don’t think about the prize, but think about helping others”, just continue to publish good content and try your best. Check 10.000 rule in Google Users normally enjoy tutorials and resources more than anything else.

Q: There are many mods, admins , beta testers and thousands of users on forum. Your favourite admin, your favourite mod and your best friend/s on forum?
A: My favourite admin, leader and mod is KKPanda, she is very helpful and funny sometimes xD, and about Bestfriends, I don’t really have one, everyone is my friend, if you join our Flyme Telegram ChatBox you will see that we are all friends and we help each other.

Q: Funny Sometimes? Well, we have to wait for this series success so that i can interview her and know her better. Finally, some words about this community, any suggestion to make it better and what else you want to achieve on forum.
A: To the community, thanks for supporting my content I will continue to bring you the latest apps, updates and tutorials. I hope to continue growing with all of you… With Love

That's it for our Second Episode of this new series. And special thanks to ChayDexter again for being part of this and sharing his precious time with us. We appriciate your work and everybody loves your "Tutorials" and "Resources" thread.

This series will continue only when you forum members will like it. Your suggestions for questions are always welcome. Also you can reply the name of next "Mod/ Admin/ Beta Tester / Regular User" whom you want to face "The Interview - Episode 3"

Join our Flyme Chatbox on telegram Here to get all information about updates, issues in your device/ flyme etc. There are 500+ members in the group all around the world.