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2017-03-13 17:37

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Yep,  no meizu in the future.  They start well,  but no more.  I think my next phone will be Zte Axon 7 , a beatiful phone with DAC,  and dollby . I bought pro 5 for good hardware specs,  DAC beautiful sound but no dollby.  Bugs have almost any os,  but the brand phone come with new updates quickly , in years quickly .
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2017-11-16 19:40

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Edited by Nov4eK at 2017-11-16 19:48

Same thing. I won't buy any Meizu again within the observable future. Hardware is good.

But software is a total BUGGY PIECE OF TRASH and brown substance.
Those, who say, that Flyme has no bugs, simply don't use those buggy functions and are not power users of their phones. I don't blame them, cause we are using phones differently.

I'm the owner of Meizu MX4 (2014). Meizu HAVE KILLED this phone. All stock ROMs have an unoptimised kernel, that has a lot of debugging scr ipts running in the background, so the performance is lowered dramatically:
1. In games there is a 5-30 lower fps, than this phone can really show. (This amount of difference was obtained by testing stock Flyme ROM VS custom Android 7.1.2 MX4 ROM with custom kernel for MediaTek (Luckily, MX4 users have the enthusiast, who has access to MTK kernel sources) )
2. Bad optimization of the interface itself. In all applications, that have complex animations/transitions - they are lagging.
3. Excessive usage of RAM. My MX4 with 2 Gigs of RAM behaves like phones powered by stock Android with 1 GB of RAM.
4. Excessive battery drainage.

Flyme itself is also truncated compared to stock Android. Flyme has NO device encryption function (Therefore probably not compatible with Android for Work).
Flyme has practically not usable NFC on phones with NFC and Global Flyme ROM.
Flyme probably has no Doze on Meizu devices with Android 6.0 or higher. At least it does not have the Doze management interface in Settings App, and it's bad.
Only in Flyme 6 the bug with live wallpaper apply activity is fixed (This bug was "No live wallpaper settings button, only wallpaper preview and "Apply" button". Can be noticed on all Flyme 5 ROMs).
Flyme has a messed up Battery drainage stats compared to stock Android. Only in Flyme there are normal Battery stats.

Flyme programmers like also to replace something implemented by stock Android by their own functions. For example, Android low power mode was replaced by Flyme's low power mode.
On Flyme we are also not able to set Pattern lock, cause it's absent. We are also not able to show custom text on lockscreen.
Because of the blur in notifications drawer, the drawer lags, when the screen displaying something dynamic.

NO MEIZU AGAIN! Use Android Open Source Project on your phones, as a ROM. Cause Flyme is really bad thing. Leave Flyme for chinese phones, but remove this piece of trash from global versions of Meizu phones. (However, I'm not sure, that Chinese people like Flyme chinese ROMs. Maybe hate them too, like I am)

We can bomb this forum by messages for replacing Flyme to the AOSP ROM (Leave AOSP unchanged, but adapt it for one-button control. By the way, I like the one-physical-button approach.) But for getting some result of this action a lot of us need to do it at the same time.
And yes, I have the bug, where downloaded pictures in Gallery are not showing, until I reboot the phone, or shoot something on camera.
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