[News]Meizu ABANDONED Global users



2020-05-27 10:31

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A sad, but true FACT!

Years and years without any update, correction or improvement considered in their devices with firmware outside of China, lack of communication in the forums, forum moderators lost without knowing what to say about possible future of the users' global roms, finally, we have to admit, we global users were ABANDONED by Meizu! A sad end for a brand that promised to be a stone in the shoe for competitors, but became just a backyard company, without a name outside China, without a reputation, just eating the leftovers of other brands. Shame, Meizu.

What is your problem? Are we customers from outside your country not good enough to have the proper attention as you employ your Chinese roms? Shame, Meizu!

If you want Meizu to be like this, then it will be! You do not want to give us due attention with updates, corrections and responses, so stop selling your devices abroad and stay with the crumbs you earn inside China and stop making us clowns.