[Flyme]Full english FlymeOS for my M6?



2019-12-03 05:46

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Hi everyone from Canada.

On his return from a trip to Hong Kong, a friend brought me an M6 (M711Q) he bought there.
Of course it comes with a FlymeOS in Chinese that I switched in English by doing a complete reset.
But it still has a lot of anoying stuff in Chinese

My question is this: Is there a way to have the OS (and apps) in full English?
I've tried to download a ROM from FlymeOS website and sent it via USB by booting the phone in recovery mode and then tried to install it,
but systematically the device answers me that the firmware is corrupted.
I have tried with several subsequent downloads and even several other custom ROMs and I still have the same answer.
Anyone have any ideas?