Google Play Store and GMS Installer



2019-01-04 10:12

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Hello there,
I am a very proud owner of Meizu m3s but that did not last long.  Google services dumped my phone and could not use the google apps anymore.  So I browsed via my pc and found some solutions such as GMS Installer from meizu, from flyme via meizu apps store. Everytime I installed the google account vanishes as I had to clear the Cache and data and to my utter dismay the Google account refuses to add.  If I somehow added the google account the play store doesnt function.  Finaly I seek the help of Meizu team who actually asked for screen shots.  Somehow I sent the team all the screen shots along with my IMEI and SN numbers and Build number.  The Meizu team has advised me the same solutions what I have found on the different websites and the answer was disapointing which was mentined to them.  They are still reviewing my problem.

Cant update app  - Google cant be updated.  Try agian and if the problem contines, get help troubleshooting.  Error code:920
Sync is currently experience problems. It will be back shortly.  But its ages and no coming back.

Can anyone please help me.