Bluetooth connectivity issues ...



2018-09-30 03:17

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My M6 is running Build FLYME since update a week or so ago ... and it's been causing problems all round !

The biggest issue I now have is that although I have devices stored on the phone as "paired", when the bluetooth is on in the phone, the phone now struggles to pair with the registered devices ! ... and more often than not, they do not connect.

Thus far, the only way I've managed to work round this is to reboot the phone before attempting to connect to a paired device which is very inconvenient. Also, now the Bluetooth function switches off when there is no paired device available ... which it never used to do, which is again very inconvenient as I use my car a lot each day and having to manually turn the bluetooth function on each time I get into the car is a big waste of time as it used to stay on even if there was no device to pair with before the latest update.

Is there any way to solve this issue ???? Thanks