Legend Mx4 PRO - M6 Note


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Big screen good :)
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Aakash006shar ...


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Please bring Meizu metal, Meizu note, and Meizu mx series -- 5.5 inch to 6inch only

Don't go under 5.5 inch

Because a future is for multi tasking, entertainment and VR etc. -- So, bigger display always benefit.

See Nokia Lumia 1520 ( 6"inch) and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL ( 5.7 inch )

Please, if you bring below 5.5 inch in Metal, or note , or mx series -- then I have to move to other brand ( Which I don't want ). I wanted to be part of Meizu family till Meizu brand existence
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PRO 6 Plus


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I want everything More...
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Ice Cream


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Beta Team-Global


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baymax2000 replied at 2016-05-28 10:46
5.2 and below
Because nearly all the meizu devices slip easily
Used m2,mx5,m3note

Supporting one team and commenting for the other
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chetan_dreamb ...
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Screens with 5.2 inch is better. You would get better experience of the phone with at least 5.2 inch screen. Not only that, you get that amazing feel of using the phone
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chetan_dreamb ...
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shekhutanwar replied at 2016-05-28 11:09
The phones below 5.2 inch is easy for one handed operation, fits perfectly in one hand, inside pocke ...

It is not possible to build a phone with all amazing features under 5.2 inches and less screen size. So, I recommend atleast 5.2 inches
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Attention to details


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Optimal screen size for average person is is 4.7".. it'll be compact ,sturdy and easy to handle... We have tablets for larger screen.. Larger the screen more is the chance of compromise in sturdiness and damage when a phone is under impact
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Wish me on 2nd August...


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i support here
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Exactly 5.2 inches is the best
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