[CFT] ROOT Flyme 7 Global Firmware - ANY MODEL!



2018-08-22 16:33

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Hello everybody

As you know, Root permission has been removed in recent Flyme 7 Firmware versions for Global Community. Today, our friends from Russian discovered a way and with the help of Micki who translated it for me! So HUGE THANKS TO THEM!

It's Extremely Easy!

For assistance, join @FlymeChatbox and @FlymeTelegram in Telegram app with more than 2.000 global users

Please like and rate this thread. Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments section

Rooting might brick your device. If you don't know the terms ROOT and BRICK, please keep away from this thread.
I do not take any responsibility if you brick your device.

- Risk is minimum -

Update #2 : M5 Note, 15, 15 Plus, M2 and M6 have been added to WORKING list.

Update #3: M5 Note added to NOT WORKING list

Update #1 : Initial phones list

Tested devices


- M6 Note
- Pro 7
- Pro 6 Plus
- Pro 7 Plus
- MX6
- M6s
- M6
- 15 Plus
- 15
- M5 Note

Not working

- 16th
- 16th Plus

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