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2016-05-20 20:04

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got to know about them when they launched the MX4, it was a very popular device and the reviews were very good at that time..... it was 2014 i guess. i was also planning to buy that phone but i went with the xiaomi mi3 because at that time mi3 launched in India.
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2016-05-20 20:25

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I was searching on SNAPDEAL and saw meizu m2 ..At first i really liked the looks but since the company was unknown so i had to collect some information on it before going for it ..
The first  thing customer reviews .. It was unbelievable that M2 had no negative review against it , Even the best phones on e-commerce sites had negative reviews but not m2 [On snapdeal ]  
Then i just collected more information about the company . Really impressed with it products and so i decided to give it a try and i bought m2 ..  
Seeing my Meizu m2 many  of my friends have also bought it xD

And then i wanted to buy a new mobile again xD so went for MX5  ..
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2016-05-20 21:18

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I know Meizu from their MP3 players. They did not sell phones back then. But i was following them since and i always wanted a Meizu phone (the first ones was pretty good too) but i was hesitant to order from abroad back then. Now i have the Pro 5.
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2016-05-21 00:23

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I just googled and was close to buy Xiaomi phone (my friend got one and suggested me to buy one). But than I saw, that on chinese store is some other phone (it was MX5). I started checking company, etc...and finally I bought Meizu Pro 5 and set up Polish Meizu Community ;p
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2016-05-21 08:54

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Was looking for a great mid-range phone to buy. So I check Lazada's website. Saw it was for sale last December, got great reviews from differents blogs/sites and youtube. So I bought one. No regrets!
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2016-05-21 10:09

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I had heard about them from some website I cannot even remember long ago, wasn't quite a fan of their work until the mx3 which is where it had started picking up my attention but it wasn't available here and I did not feel like paying customs. Then there was the mx4 which I had been close to buy but as I already had 3 phones at that time (Z2, Note 3 and OnePlus, that's the most phones I've ever had at once and I cannot even remember why) I decided once again skipped only to finally pick up the Pro 5 this year.
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2016-05-21 11:14

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2016-05-21 15:31

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Added social media option ;-)
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2016-05-21 16:09

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I used to search for different mobile brands and i found Meizu from GSMARENA. I was quite impressed by the phones.. It was time when Meizu was not in India yet. But now, making progress like no other brand did! I'm flattered with the design of the phones! Love Meizu and Beautiful Flyme!
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chetan_dreamb ...
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2016-05-22 00:07

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Newish had come to our college to inaugurate the flume club! From there it started my journey with meizu
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