Unroot Pro 7 Plus & Install Stock Rom/Updated ROM



2018-07-08 19:58

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Hi            8th July 2018

I had rooted from Meizu menu & then had few times SU, Kingroot etc. to unroot this phone.
Because as some of the Apps does not work in rooted device/phone and the Update does not work as well.

Now, I want to bring back this phone like this was shipped (Unrooted).
But tried to reboot with "updated.zip" in the phone root directory, use Super User and few other software without any luck.
Did factory resetting with all data wipe 2-3 time, again no luck, the phone remain "Rooted"

Can anyone kindly adv (1) how to bring back this device unrooted, (2) Update this to the latest version and (3) how to get the Android Oreo installed in this device?

My mail id is "fastlinkta@gmail.com" and I'm from Bangladesh.

Appreciate quick help on the above.

Best Rgds