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2018-06-22 13:46

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                    Cool Features [Flyme 7]

Everyone is waiting for the Flyme 7 eagerly. We all are curious about the Flyme 7 features. So as Flyme 7 Global is released, I am making this thread to show some cool features of Flyme 7.
In this tutorial, I am presenting some cool tricks or say features of Flyme 7. Hope this will help you all in day to day work.

Search is more easier & more attractive
In the Flyme 7, Search Drawer is now become more attractive. Here in the search drawer, you can easily search all your apps, messages, contacts, search on web, settings and many more. It is now really attractive and good looking. Just swipe up on the home screen and see the cool feature.
Everyone have this problem when there are lot of apps in the phone to search a specific app. So in the Flyme 7, there isa very cool feature. Just swipe up or down on the left or right edge of screenand see this cool feature.

                                                               S80621-121956.jpg S80621-122008.jpg

Arrangement Not So Boring Anymore
Moving to the app to another window is nowso easy. You don’t need to go to another window. Just put the app in a small thumbnail window, your app will be moved without going to this window.
Arrangement of apps is so easy, just shake your device and all apps are arranged.


Uninstalling so app so easy
I think many users want to uninstall multipleapps at once. Here is feature for it. The System App Store has this feature.

How cool it is: Every app has two instances
Many users want to use two WhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram on the same phone. Here Flyme 7 comes with its feature AppCloner. Now you don’t need any third-party app, you can clone any app whatever you want.

Your Privacy is so important
The Flyme 7 takes care of your privacy. You need some more privacy. So here are some different modes: Normal Mode, Privacy Mode, Guest Mode. Really a good feature. Also you have the inbuilt value, so now you don’t need to go to any third party app, you can just hide your data in the Flyme vault.
                                                            S80621-122113.jpg S80621-122120.jpg    

Navigation Style & Cards Layout
Do you love the Android Navigation Style alot. In Flyme you have option to change your navigation style. You can also change the multiple cards layout whatever you like it.
                                                          S80622-114317.jpg S80622-114324.jpg
Finally for Music Lovers
So here comes the exciting feature for allthe music lover. SQUARE Sound Technology. Have a try of it. Really it is amazing.