[Dev]Built-in Google services for any meizu



2018-06-01 21:26

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Hello forum users and developers Flyme OS. Closed beta testing started not long ago. We all know how Google installs. But how to understand the normal user that you need to give Google permissions to all applications for correct operation. From my own experience I can say unequivocally, it's not convenient. For this I want to draw the attention of all developers that it's time to change something. The first step is to optimize the system for optimal performance, eliminate heat and increase power consumption. Secondly, make Google services systemic that eliminate more than half of the problems. Why users of certified models m6 / m6note / Pro7 / Pro7Plus / 15 / 15Plus / M15 you built into the system and all the rest as an additional software. Give everyone the built-in services Google devices on the basis of Flyme 7 global. With love global beta testers. Flyme Italia. Global Beta Team