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2018-05-28 21:28

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Visual changes
New icon design, colorful, delicate translucent;
Seamless dynamic coverage, smooth switching, consistent operation
Immersive interactive experience, a bit slippery, are all habits.
One Mind
• System memory scavenger
Minimizes the caching of multi-application runtimes and improves the smooth experience by reclaiming excess memory and fragmentation.
• Abnormal App Reset Mechanism
Solve the application anomalies caused by insufficient memory, return to normal state after restart, and do not need to load immediately.
• One-click release memory enhanced version
Releasing memory greatly, freeing up space for privileged applications, and thoroughly cleaning up the background in light of daily usage habits.
• Seconds start
300+ high-frequency scene optimization, especially in scenes such as fingerprint unlocking, gallery refresh, video playback, and switching on and off.
• Large application VIP channel
Provide a special channel for starting applications, start the instant application of background applications, and dynamically allocate system resources for application acceleration.
• Standby optimization
Controlling the remaining memory of the system according to the size of the memory greatly reduces the memory shortage of multiple applications.
Take different measures against the application running status in the off-screen state, and keep the pure background through the strategies of freezing and cleaning.
Optimize broadcast interception between systems and applications, delay background CPU and network activities to protect the battery and reduce power consumption.
• AI Beauty
Depth Custom AI Make-up function, adjust beauty effect for skin color and skin features, and present a unique beauty.
• AI anti-virus engine
Greatly improve the speed of virus detection, real-time killing of applications in operation, so that the virus can not hide.
Data rescue
• Mobile phone data protection
Use the contact number stored in the original mobile phone to send a serial code to the touch-sensitive mobile phone, and after completing the authentication, switch to MTP mode to obtain the storage disc data.
Path: Settings - Storage and Backup - USB Computer Connection
• Instruction Control MTP, PTP
In the case of a mobile phone with a broken screen, the mode of the USB connection to the computer can be switched by the commands “turn on MTP” and “switch to PTP”.
Method: After waking up the voice assistant, send an instruction to the mobile phone to switch modes, and use the data cable to connect the mobile phone and the computer to export the data.
* After the phone enters recovery mode, you can use the volume keys to locate the interface options and the power button to confirm the execution.
• Retrieve data in recovery mode
When the phone cannot enter the system, it can connect to the computer through recovery mode and export all the data in the storage disk.
How to use: Press and hold the "Power key and volume + key" at the same time to enter the recovery mode, select the USB connection to the computer to transfer data.
A new look
• Square Sound
New self-developed sound effects to meet your tastes, including: 3D sound, super bass, pure vocals, live music.
System Music App-Settings-Square Sound
Third Party Music App - Settings - Sound Adjustment
• eye protection mode
Provides natural color matching to reduce blue light damage to eyes and reduce reading fatigue.
Path: Settings - Display and Brightness - Eye Protection Mode
• Night mode
After starting, any interface of the system will automatically switch to a black theme, effectively protecting eyesight in dark light conditions.
Path: Settings - Flyme Lab - Night Mode
• Real time ear return
If you like K song and live broadcast, you can quickly hear the singing sound after inserting the earphone and easily record professional results.
• Smart ear protectors
Automatic adjustment of the volume level after connecting headphones, intelligent reminder wear time, reduce hearing loss.
▏Quick operation
• face recognition
Use the advanced living body detection algorithm to collect and record face information and quickly identify and unlock in 0.1 seconds.
Path: Settings - Fingerprint, Face and Security - Face Recognition
• Personal assistant
According to the current location and scene to provide the corresponding commercial service, parking mark and other functions, collect application suggestions, to-do items, express a variety of dynamic cards, think of what you think.
Path: Desktop Slip, Settings - Navigation and Multitasking - Long-press Primary Key - Wake Personal Assistant
• Bubble notification + small window reply
It pops up in the full-screen scene, reduces interruptions, and supports replying by opening the application suspension window on the current page.
Path: Settings - Notification and Status Bar - Bubble Notification
• Desktop App Index
Just swipe up and down on the left and right edges of the screen to trigger an index to quickly find and launch apps in your phone.
• Smart screen
Long-pressing the text or picture in the application will intelligently identify movies, restaurants, passwords, etc., and provide direct access to information and services.
Path: Settings - Flyme Lab - Smart Screens
• Driving assistance
Automatic identification of driving modes, increased electronic dog detection, music playback, voice dialing and other shortcuts to reduce dangerous operations.
Path: notification bar shortcut switch - driving assistance
• Fast application
There is no need to install a mobile App that supports the creation of desktop icons for faster and more convenient use.
Path: App Store - Categories - Quick Apps
• Caller ID
Weave a web of relationships to integrate communication records from different sources and display them on the call interface and contacts.
Path: Phone - Settings - Caller ID
• Voice dialing
Long press the dial button to voice call contacts, easy calls, chat.
Usage: Phone - long press dial keys
• Network support
Added support for telecommunications VoLTE HD calls.
How to use: Settings - Carrier Network - Open VoLTE HD call. If it cannot be used after it is turned on, please click "Reset" at the top right corner of Settings - Carrier Network - APN Access Point - Telecom Card.
• Child anti-indulgence
Automatically restrict game applications and send alerts to guardians for restricted applications that use timeouts.
Path: Settings - Flyme Lab - Family Guardian - Anti-obsession settings
• International traffic
A new revision of international traffic, more features waiting for you to explore.
Path: Settings - Carrier Network - International Traffic
• Video Communication Beauty
Intelligent recognition call scene, add beauty effect automatically when Wechat video chat, unprepared appointments should also be exquisite and elegant.
• Face Recognition AF
Instantly recognizes faces and autofocuss, easily capturing every smile.
• Face tracing
Photographing using the "face retrospective" mode can be manually edited in the gallery to replace each member's facial expression with the best one.
Path: Camera - More - Face Retrospective, Gallery - Face Retrospective
Photo Gallery
• moment
After automatically parsing the photo information, videos are generated based on the time, location, and other dimensions, and the memories are strung together.
• People album
The clustering algorithm extracts face features and then recognizes and classifies them to easily find TA photos.
• Mixed chart
Lazy time, two-finger zoom switch mixed view, more interesting to see the picture.
Mobile Phone Manager
• smart card
Combined with mobile phone status, we recommend feature cards such as slimming, virus killing, and efficient management, with one-click direct access.
• Smart slimming
Classify the file type by using the application as a dimension, and provide cleanup suggestions to avoid mistakes.
• Traffic Query
Supports Unicom's daily network card traffic network calibration.
Path: Mobile Manager - Traffic Management - Package Settings - Package Type
▏System Tools
• Clock
Play the latest weather, schedule, news, etc. after the alarm rings, and wake up every cell in your body.
Path: Clock - Good Morning Daily
• Calculator
Press the button to add voice playback to ensure fast input accuracy.
Path: Calculator - Voice Play Switch
• Document Management
Two mobile phones under the same network can quickly transmit pictures and files through two-dimensional codes.
Transferring: File Management, Gallery - Selecting Files, Pictures - Sharing - Scanning
Receiver: Scan code download
• Input
Supports downloading your favorite skins through theme skins and choosing to use them, making the panel even more cool.
Path: Input Method - Settings - Skin
• Mail
Adding non-meeting invitations is a calendar itinerary, timely reminder, important information not missed.
Path: Date and time of message content page - Add calendar itinerary
▏ System update
• System repair
The system will be included in the monitoring range of the mobile butler, detect the system status, and repair the network in time.
• Update evaluation
After the support update is completed, the system will be rated and reviewed. Your true feelings are the driving force for optimization.
▏ Other optimization
• Fingerprint unlock
Increase fingerprint unlocking speed.
• Flyme Cloud Service
Integrate functions such as account, storage, synchronization, and search for mobile phones to improve data transmission speed.
Path: Settings - Accounts & Synchronization - Cloud Services
• User assistance
Added "Enchanted Friends Know" section to make the communication between the charmers more fun.
Optimize the home page function layout, improve feedback efficiency and operating experience.
• Music
The personality player supports skin selection for the song playing interface, and stands alone to stop listening.
• Theme landscaping
The input method skin mall provides a wealth of supporting themes to make the keyboard input more personalized.
Path: Theme Landscaping - Keyboard Skin
• Meizu wallet
Integrate various payment services, support the upper left and lower corners to slide out, and pay more safely and conveniently.
Path: Wallet - Meizu Pay - Settings
The new financial services such as wealth management, insurance, loans, bookkeeping, recharge, and credit cards.
Select excellent wealth management products, provide quick loan services, increase customized insurance, etc.
Path: Wallet - Money, Wallet - Loan, Wallet - Insurance
• Game centre
Fits the second element and displays the essence comment in the form of a barrage.
Introduce high-quality independent games to enrich gameplay.
Path: Game Center - Charm Play
• Life Assistant
Life service has changed its name to life assistant, front-loading take-away service, personal assistant opening, and ordering experience.
• the weather
Weather animation has been fully upgraded to create real, lively weather updates.
• Settings
Adjust layouts according to functional categories, streamline page design, and improve ease of operation.

Upgrade instructions
• Any problems encountered during the update or use can be returned through the user assistance App.
• System updates obtained through mobile phone push are safe and reliable, and do not occupy storage space and data loss.
• It takes about 10 minutes to update. Please wait patiently. Do not press the keys of the mobile phone during the process to avoid update failure.
• The phone will automatically restart during the update. A small amount of heat associated with it is a normal phenomenon. Do not worry.
• Some changes in the system update descr iption may vary with the version, model, or network operator. Please forgive me.