[Flyme]Notifications problems and Meizu browser



2018-05-23 10:31

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I have just purchased a Meizu 15 and overall i'm pretty happy, but there are some glaring problems with notifications and the ridiculous Meizu browser refuses to open links to Reddit etc in the app.
Firstly the notifications; each time I install an app I have to allow permissions and set the app to run in the background. It's a ridiculous policy as it means all apps have no notifications by default and even when allowed things like youtube notifications still don't work.

Secondly, the Meizue broser problems; so if I search on Google and then click a reddit link it opens in the Meizu browser and frustratingly that gives me an option to open the reddit app at the top by clicking 'use app', but it just opens the meizu store and the Reddit app page (which I have already installed!), then I can click 'open' at the bottom of the page and finally the app opens. But of course it's just the reddit home page, not the thread I was viewing.

The Meizu browser really needs to be disabled as it's intefering with the functionality of the phone! Is there any way I can do this?
I have updated to to Flyme yesterday and the problems still persist.

Is there anything I can do to sort these issues?