Suggestion for a new system in flyme UI.



2018-05-14 17:33

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Actually, I am thinking that Flyme os should add a new feature in their UI. Adultery is most common now a days because the parents give a mobile to their children but don't know about what their children are doing with the mobile.Are they using their mobile for good purpose or for bad purpose? And at last their children go to the bad way of life. So, I want to suggest the developers of flyme UI that add a new system in flyme which will be controled by the parents to know that what their children are doing with the mobile and give a remote control acces by which they can capture the screenshort remotely through any other app whenever they want and can use the front camera remotely and they can force stop any app remotely and can know the history and Whatsapp chats of their children and can send them a message whenever they want so that the parents can turn their children aright from getting astray. Please vote for me if you are agree about what I have written there in my thread. Comment here and send this message to the Flyme UI developers if you can. My english is weak so, please forgive me if there is any mistake in my thread.