Firmware corrupted trying to make an upgrade



2018-03-22 21:29

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Edited by User5206859900 at 2018-03-26 12:52

Phone: Meizu M3s
Firmware version: Flyme 5.1.5 2G

I tried to make an upgrade by 3 different ways:

1. Using built-in Update application.

2. By downloading new Flyme firmware from here:
I placed to Downloads/Upgrade/Firmware. Then clicked it in File Explorer, and then selected "Update".

3. By using the Recovery mode, as described here:
Flashing Failure and Solution

In all these cases, I get Firmware Corrupt message. I don't beleive that all these downloads were corrupted, but my phone constantly refuses to accept these files.
Is there anything else I can do to upgrade the phone?