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2018-03-04 13:29

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"Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in the World" Announced

"MIT Review" Officially Unveiled 2018 "Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in the World" on February 21, The 17th-Year Powerful List of Emerging Technologies in the World history.

The list includes: 3D metal printing, artificial embryos, sensing cities, AI for everyone, antagonistic neural networks, real-time translation earplugs, zero carbon natural gas generation, perfect web privacy, genetic prediction, Quantum leap of material. The judges believe they will have a profound impact on our work and lifestyles in the coming years.

2018 "MIT Review" Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies in the World

Everyone's AI and antagonistic neural networks

2017 selected "top ten breakthrough technology" "brush face payment"

[To date, AI is still a "plaything" for several large technology companies and a handful of start-ups, and AI is too expensive and notoriously popular for others. However, cloud-based machine learning tools are bringing AI to a wider audience. Today, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are all trying to be leaders in the cloud services market, predictably, a huge business opportunity. If the AI ​​revolution spread widely to the economy, then the machine learning tools they introduced will also become necessities.

At the same time, we see that AI is very good at identifying objects: in a million images, it accurately describes which pedestrians are crossing the street. But AI does not generate pedestrian pictures alone. If this can be done, it will be able to create a plethora of seemingly realistic composite pictures and refine the autopilot system. Right now, the Gaming Prevention Network (GAN) is using two neural networks to fight against and train both. One of the neural networks is to generate a network, generate a new image according to what you see, and the other is to determine the network and determine the truth of what it sees. Finally, Genesis Network learned to recognize and create very real images.

3D metal printing, quantum leap and real-time translation

Long-term limitations of 3D printing in the designer's "small circle." Moreover, the cost and speed of the object of use, if not plastic, are extremely unsatisfactory. Now, however, this manufacturing method is becoming less costly and faster. It can produce lighter and stronger metal parts and more complex-shaped devices that can not be manufactured by traditional methods, and even precisely control the microstructure of the metal. If widely used, it will be possible to change the way we mass-produce - manufacturers will no longer have to maintain large inventories and print on demand; some of the larger plants will also be replaced by smaller ones.

Chemists have long dreamed of designing new proteins for drug discovery, designing new batteries, solar energy conversion, and more. However, these material molecules are difficult to model on a classical computer. But quantum computers can do it. Quantum algorithms are on the rise now and macromolecular exact simulation calculations will also be possible.

Pakistani Fish in the Galaxy Guide has been achieved?

And a magical earplugs will be selected because it shows the real-time translation of the future.This is a piece of earplugs Google has developed called Pixel Buds. This pair of earplugs, also known as "Babe Fish", can be translated in real time on Google Play on Pixel smartphones.

Sensing City, Internet Privacy and Zero Carbon Power Generation

One of Alpha's plans to create a high-technology community to rethink how cities should be built and operated is one of the goals of the project to make all decisions on design, policy and IT a Based on a huge sensor network, the network will collect a variety of information, including data on air quality, noise levels and people's behavior.


And a new tool, the emergence of a new cryptographic protocol called zero-knowledge validation, has finally made web privacy real .It enables people to prove that they are 18 years of age without revealing their date of birth, or to prove that they have enough deposits in the bank to complete their financial transactions without substantially disclosing their bank balances or other details, significantly reducing privacy leaks or identities Piracy risk.

A pilot in Houston, USA, researchers are testing a technology that can be used to clean natural gas. They believe they can capture all the carbon dioxide released during natural gas power generation while generating electricity at a low cost. Once successful, it means people can get zero-carbon energy from fossil fuels at a reasonable price.

Artificial Embryos and Gene Prediction

Using Stem Cells to Develop a Realistic Mouse Embryology

University of Cambridge scientists are redefining "how to create life." They use stem cells to create a realistic mouse embryo that does not come from the combination of egg cells and sperm but only uses cells derived from another embryo. This also means that mammals can be quickly produced without eggs. This is conducive to laboratory research, but it will also bring a lot of ethical issues.

One day in the future, a baby will be given a DNA report at birth about the chance of having a heart attack or cancer, whether it will be addictive to tobacco, and mental prediction. At present, the gene "scoring report" can be turned into reality at any time when large-scale genetic research involving more than 1 million people is carried out and technological advances are made. It is good for early warning, but once it is abused, it will be cause for concern.

From: Science and Technology Daily