[Poll] Do you want KKPanda to be back with Forum highlights?



2018-02-14 03:27

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Hi all. As you might know, I'm the moderator of Russian&Ukrainian sections of Flyme Forum. Not long ago, I decided to try myself in creating monthly highlights threads (with the permission of KKPanda, of course). Earlier only @KKPanda had been creating such threads. Recently, there are two highlights threads from me: January and December. If you haven't seen them - check them out.

Anyway, why am I writing this? Since I do highlights threads for you guys, I'm interested in your opinion. Should I continue create highlights or @KKPanda is better then me in this field? There is a poll, in which you can share your thoughts about it. Note: Polls work only in PC edition of the Forum, so please, use PC version to vote!

I'll check the results in two days. Then, based on them, I'll continue to do highlights threads (If KK doesn't mind) or finish doing them. Let's vote guys!
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