[Flyme]M1 note (getting out of download mode) SP Flash Tool



2018-02-06 06:09

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If any of you guys accidently used the SP Flash Tool while connecting your phone to your computer. You might get a chance to brick your phone :').

Actually your device just set into download mode that's why your phone cannot boot to anywhere fastboot,system even recovery mode.

So to verify if your device is still funcitional.

1. Download mtk drivers, especially the vcom drivers


For windows 10 users

2. Install the mtk drivers.


For windows 10 users

3. Make sure your usb cable can transfer data and not charge only.

4.Open up your Device Manager.

5. Expand the [Ports (Com & LPT)]

6. If you can see an mtk device is connected then that means your device is still save and can be turned on

7. Leave your phone alone and don't ever charge it.

Whyy? Because the phone is currently stuck on download mode. So if your phone's last battery level is at 10 below, you're lucky.
But if it's 100 then you have to wait a lot of time

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you understand my poor english

Device Manager

Device Manager