How meizu and flyme help while traveling



2018-01-05 13:25

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How meizu helps in traveling

I love to travel and I a lot of you guys also love traveling, so I was traveling and my meizu m3 note helped me a lot and here I am sharing my experience while traveling with meizu and flyme
Music - first app which I love the most is music
traveling+music= best journey, while traveling I love listening songs and songs complete my journey. I know everybody loves listening their favorite music or song while traveling and the music app of flyme is so good.

Camera - now the second app which I use is the camera app. I clicks a lot of pictures and selfies and the camera of meizu helps me to click good pictures. I know its not that great in low light but its really good in day light and I love the camera of meizu rear+front both

Notes - I am a boy who loves to write and while traveling I write quotes by watching and observing everything so in this case flyme notes app help me a lot it has a lot of  awesome features, just like if I want prepare a list it prepare or create a list I can add photos on it too so that eveeything will be remembered, it has themes also which make it looks cool, it has an inbuilt pain feature also and I can record an audio into it.

Email - The wmail app of flyme is awesome which helps me to read,send and forward my mails and it is super fast and in many cases it is better than google app.
it has a feature of DND which means do not disturb and when you travel wirh your family and friends you need to avoid your mails so that you can focus on your holidays and on your journey

calendar - flyme calendar app helps me to save my events and which is very important. it also reminds me my friends birthday because I forget the dates.
battery- when you travel you need more battery I mean more power so that your phone consume less power, so if you want to save battery you can use the inbuilt feature of flyme which decreases the power consumption.
This is the part one I hope you like it share your views in the comment section and if you want part 2 then like and mark it as favorite and thank you for reading this....