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2017-12-23 00:28

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+++Reserve Spot+++

Will edit this comment, so that my story can be read early
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2017-12-23 01:40

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Бляха муха, ну Нахера нам эти посты? Нахер кому рассказывать как я провел зиму и праздники? Лучше бы пилили прошивку и фиксы выпускали. Меизу стали таким дном...
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Ice Cream
Meizu m2 mini 《 G 》


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2017-12-23 02:13

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Nice contest
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Vinaykumarroc ...


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2017-12-23 17:14

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Edited by Vinaykumarrock986612 at 2017-12-24 14:20

I Started my new year 2017 with Flyme 6 bata, the flyme 6 was an awesome os as expected. This year i was very relax without any tensions, and i was able to spent time with my Family and give time to Gym. I learned more programming languages in this year. In the middle of 2017 a cat with her 4 childrens was hiding in my kitchen garden, they were very hungry  I felt very bad because i was unable to help them because of no permission for pets in my home. But I take a step and gave them milk for once. IMG_20171224_100419.jpg

They disappear after that. but after some time the one of the cat was sick and they came back, I tried to make them go away, but they were not listening, I thought that they will go after the sick cat gets well.

The cat was not eating or drinking anything. I took a syringe and started feed it milk with syringe.


But no use after some days she was no more.

Other cats left at my kitchen garden, I give them food everyday and make them grow, Now they are 5 month old.




But over all this year helped me to Grow my muscles by giving time to Gym.


Prashant07 ...: Nice story.. very cute little cats...
2017-12-24 20:04
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2017-12-23 17:27

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I am the best.
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2017-12-24 02:41

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Today I can say that 2017 was the year.

I was 17 years, started University, I started working and I began to see that life is not easy. I thought a lot about the future and it began to hurt me, I only think, think and think. Gradually I started feeling very alone and when I saw, I had symptoms of depression.

A lot of things crossed my mind during the year, I thought I'd end it often, but that's when I realized I needed an anchor that held me alive, which really was something important to continue my journey and I thought, my family.

Throughout the year I started writing poems, I said everything I wanted to say and how I felt, I could get this out into the world, but at the same time be something anonymous. The poem below was one that I did and I really like:

Insanity things to do,
Day after day,
To know who are you,
Sometimes you can make something better
But times you're worse than ever

The world is not about peace
And people are not about love
Sometimes you make it blue
But times you just leave it off

It can be hard,
I know it'll be
I can't get it fine
And fine it obviously won't be

The end is not at all
Thanks to everybody here
Who did it cool
And who one day was the fear

Insane ways to stay
But not colored days
I think the RGB is off
Cause everywhere I see is grey

I believe that life is not impossible
By the way I'm not going well
To live you have to be insane
And I'm not going aswell.

Today I feel better, I've got 18 years and over my year a lot of good things also happened. I met new people, made new and great friendships, I knew my place in the world. The difficulties have not passed, but I changed my mind.

This year I learned that life is very complicated, but it is the complications of life and how we deal with it that make life so special.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year for everyone!

(I'm brazilian and have to say sorry cuz my english is not very well)
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RainbowUnicor ...


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2017-12-24 05:02

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I'll tell my story. For this year 2017 I did what not all teenagers do at their age of 16 or rather I took all my will and motivation into a fist and for seven months I'm working on reading myself, learning a new language and most importantly what I spend 95% of the time this sport and I brought myself into a good sporting form and was I not athletic who was struggling to do push-ups but that was before. All who do not believe that you can change your life for the better, then take these thought
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2017-12-24 19:35

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(Blank as of Now)
But it will take place of my story!
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2017-12-24 19:59

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Hello everyone, I had the honor to be moderator on the French part of the forum. This is intended to broaden my scope, and to help the best, the Meizunautes. It is a challenge but also a great passion. It's been 5 years now that gives my time to meizu always with the same passion. Whether on Facebook on the page meizu france, or here. I will continue to help my neighbor. To do tutorials. I strongly believe in meizu. I wish you a good Christmas Eve. Fred
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KitKat m3 note


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2017-12-24 20:04

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Vinaykumarrock986612 replied at 2017-12-23 14:44
I Started my new year 2017 with Flyme 6 bata, the flyme 6 was an awesome os as expected. This year i ...

Nice story.. very cute little cats...
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