2017-11-25 19:42

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Hey there!

This tutorial is about the the features and functions of Phone app or Calling app

Many of users just use this app for calling purpose
but you can do a lot,
The features i'm going to explain here are:

1) How to merge duplicate contacts?
2) How to import contacts directly from other phone?
3) How to turn on auto call recording?
4) How to block unknown or sranger calls?

So let's start

S71122-22055777.jpg S71122-22065530.jpg

1)How to merge duplicate contacts?
Many of us face problem of repeated contacts , like contacts from whatsapp, facebook , gmail ,and no. Contacts which are already saved.
For example ,if you have imported contacts from vcf file and after that you added you gmail account and after that you activate your whatsapp account , all these three things import all your contacts to the contact list .And we find it difficult to search one contact which we need. So for there flyme has an excellent feature called merge duplicates.
So to avoid duplicate contacts this feature automatically searches for same contact no. Which are duplicates and merge them as one and makes your work easy.

S71122-22073513.jpg S71122-22081591.jpg

2)How to import contacts directly from other phone?
Whenever we buy a new phone or reset our phone ,we loose our contacts .So there is nothing to worry about , there are many ways to import or get contacts via whatsapp  or shareit. But there is already one feature included in call settings which imports your contacts from other phone it automatically does that with the help of bluetooth.

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3)How to turn on Auto Call recording?
We call everyday to every other person , wether known or unknown. Some calls are confidential, some are suspicious , some are personal and so. In other phones we have to install call recorder apps to record all those calls which are important.But we can not rely on third party apps as our privacy may be compromised. So Flyme has already given in-built call recorder to record calls.There is also provision to record specific contacts only.

S71122-22131849.jpg S71122-22132840.jpg

4)How to block unkonwn calls and calls from stranger?
Many of use truecaller for this purpose but Again Flyne has included harrasment blocking feature to block all blacklist calls , unkonwn calls , spam messages etc.
You just have to add numbers in blacklist and relax .
These blacklist no. Will automatically blocked and even you can get notified about blocked calls.This is in-built feature, no need to install third party apps.

S71122-22062736.jpg S71122-22084302.jpg S71122-22102139.jpg S71122-22103836.jpg S71122-22120297.jpg S71122-22093160.jpg
There are more settings also:

S71122-22142696.jpg S71122-22123138.jpg

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