[My Foto Journal] VOL 5 by fatihaksoy & KKPanda



2017-11-23 17:12

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Hey guys, how are you doing these weeks!


In order to get more users involved to this activity, we would like to update this volume every two weeks. We hope it will appeal to some new people who has not joined before. Thanks for all your participation.

Today I would like to share two pictures which are posted by @fatihaksoy & @KKPanda. When you are old and grey and full of sleep after many years later, the memery will remind you of all the warm moments. All the good pictures with story are welcomed here no matter who you are. Just send what you want to share with us.



If you want to know more about this new column please check:
VOL 1 by Flyme
VOL 2 by AngryBeaver
VOL 3 by ArthurGomes & Somniare

VOL 4 by JosepLluis & rohit42

Thanks fatihaksoy and KKPanda to share their love and feelings. Welcome to send your new pic to us, even though it is a funny story or small stuff. Please note that put some words and thoughts with your shared picture. Both of pics and words are very important factors which will affeck our choice.

1. Comment this thread with one high-quality photo you think it's great + tell us the story behind the photo in several words (why this photo is special to you). Make sure the main things of your pic could be put in the square.
2. We will choose 1 (maybe 2 if any deserved one) photo each week, and the chosen photo will be made into a Polaroid-like postercard image with the story or the digest coming from the user.

Looking forward to your action and let us wait for the VOL 6.

See you next time!