[Exclusive] Meizu All Pro Series Phones Comparison - Which one is Best?



2017-08-06 18:59

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As you know, Meizu Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus were launched on 26th July with dual rear cameras and a secondary display. But lot of people are complaining about its high price. In this thread, i will compare all pro series phones and decide which one is best pro series phone and is Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus worth its price?

Below is the picture of Quick Comparison of all pro series phone-

Meizu Pro Series Comparison

Meizu Pro Series Comparison

On Paper, MediaTek Helio X30 is best among all these processors but that does not mean Exynos 8890 is weak. You need to pay extra 85 USD for 4/64GB variant of Pro 7 Plus compared to same variant of Pro 6 Plus. So, most of you will prefer Pro 6 Plus if you are tight on budget. Same goes with GPU, although GPU in Pro 7 Plus is better than that of Pro 6 Plus but you won't see any major lag in Pro 6 Plus either. X30 Powered Pro 7 scored 141982 in Antutu Benchmarks which is highest by any Meizu phone.

Dimentions & Weight-
Here also, Pro 6 Plus is clear winner. You can see that Pro 6 Plus is even lighter than Pro 7 by 5 grams and lighter than Pro 7 Plus by 12 grams. Thickness is almost same for all phones.

Pro 6 Plus and Pro 7 Plus both have 2K Super AMOLED Display but unfortunately, Pro 7 Plus is lacking 3D Press. So, Pro 6 Plus should be the winner here. But Pro 7 Plus is also featuring a Secondary 1.9 inch, 240mm*536mm AMOLED Display. For some people, it may look odd but actually it is Game Changer & Innovative according to Meizu. But the million dollar question is - Do we really need secondary display? There is no end to this discussion so i am leaving this question for you people. Because you are paying 85USD extra.

RAM and Storage-
All the pro series phone used to have maximum 4GB RAM untill Pro 7 Plus is launched with 6GB RAM variant. But if you compare price of 4/128GB variant of Pro 6 Plus and 6/128GB variant of Pro 7 Plus, you will notice price difference of 120USD. According to me, 4GB RAM is enough for almost everything but i might be wrong. I will still prefer 4/128GB to save my 120USD.

Obviously, Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus is having better camera combination here. And also you can take selfies with Dual Rear Cameras using Secondary Display. Think about Selfies in Portrait Mode, it is now possible in Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus. But some people also says that we can get the portrait mode effect easily by a 3rd part app so why pay so much for this? And i think they might be right. Because Pro 6s, Pro 6 Plus, Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus uses same Sony IMX386 sensor in rear 12MP rear camera. So there won't be much difference photos taken with rear camera except of portrait mode. But selfies should be better in Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus. But i am not a kind of person who love selfies so i am okay with Pro 6 Plus camera and rather save some penny. Also Pro 6 Plus is having 10 LED flash too for better capturing better photos in night.

Although Pro 7 Plus is having larger battery but there is also a small guy hungry of battery on the rear side -  Secondary AMOLED display. But is just 1.9 inch and AMOLED too and there is mCharge 4.0 to charge the phone even faster. So i think there should be a tie.

Android Version and more-
All phones are having USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer through USB Type-C cable. And even all phones are having some Hi-Fi chip to enhanche music experience through headphones & earphones.   
But only Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus is powered by Android Nougat based Flyme 6. But as Andorid 7 Beta already rolled out for most of devices on A firmware so Gloabal Firmware may get Android 7 update but it will take time.

According to me, no doubt, Pro 7/Pro 7 Plus is game changer and they added a new chapter to Innovation in Smartphone Era. But if you compare it with Pro 6 Plus on "Value for Money" , Pro 6 Plus is best pro series phone. But if you Meizu fan, have 600 USD and want to be part on Innovation - Buy Pro 7(X30 Variant) or Pro 7 Plus. If you are selfie freak, a meizu fan and low on budget - Buy Pro 7(P25 Varaint). A new world of possibilities is open with Secondary Dispaly. And this is just a beginning. I am excited about what is next from Meizu - A Snapdragon powered device, A Bezel Less Phone, another Secondary Display Phone or anything else?

That's it for now and please do comment below, what do you think about Pro7/ Pro 7 Plus.
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