[Poll]Do you prefer playing HTML5 games or native Android games?



2017-07-13 16:29

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Dear fans, it is time to talk about question of the week again.

Do you like playing electronic games? For me, I was a game enthusiast when I was young ( which means now I am not ). In the PC age, Starcraft, CS, Warcraft are the representatives of famous games. Then with the development of Internet and portable devices, we can play a game easily instead of sitting at the desk.

Now we can enjoy thousands of Android games with our smartphone thanks to all the excellent game producers. We can play 2K series, FIFA series and so many large games which can only run on PC years ago. Besides that, a new kind of game is becoming more and more popular: HTML5 games. Based on webpages, the HTML5 games can be available anytime if you can connect to Internet. People can simplely have fun without installing any single app.

There are both advantages and disadvantages when comparing these two types of game. Which one do you prefer, HTML5 games or native Android games? What kind of games have you palyed? Share your idea with us!

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